Obesity and cardiometabolic syndrome in children

Published: Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease
Authors: Pedro Velasquez-Mieyer 1 , Claudia P Neira, Ramfis Nieto, Patricia A Cowan


The cardiometabolic syndrome is highly prevalent among overweight youth. The risk of developing the cardiometabolic syndrome is likely triggered or exacerbated by concurrent obesity, unhealthy lifestyle/eating habits, and hormonal changes (puberty). Current screening recommendations include measurement of blood pressure, fasting insulin and glucose, and total cholesterol. However, limiting assessments to these measures underestimates cardiometabolic risk in overweight youth, particularly minorities. Early identification of cardiometabolic risk in its incipient stages may justify early and more aggressive intervention to prevent progression and complications. This review provides rationale for additional assessments to determine cardiometabolic risk in overweight youth and recommends treatment options.


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