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Identification and management of prediabetes: results of the Latin America Strategic Prediabetes Meeting

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Pan American Journal of Public Health

Patricio López-Jaramillo 1 ,
Ramfis E Nieto-Martínez 2 ,
Gestne Aure-Fariñez 3 ,
Carlos O Mendivil 4 ,
Rodolfo A Lahsen 5 ,
Ruy L Silva-Filho 6 ,
Luiz A Andreotti 7 ,
Mónica E Manrique 8 ,
Miguel A Pasquel-Andrade 9 ,
Ignacio Rangel 10 ,
Maricela Vidrio 11 ,
Rutila Castañeda 12 ,
Manuela Restrepo 13 ,
Miguel E Pinto 14

To understand the status of prediabetes diagnosis and treatment in Latin
America and to evaluate the use of metformin for diabetes prevention in
this context. A panel of 15 diabetes experts from seven countries in Latin America met on
14 – 15 August 2014 in Lima, Peru, to review the available literature,
discuss the role of prediabetes in type 2 diabetes mellitus and
cardiovascular disease, analyze collected information, and make conclusions
for prediabetes diagnosis and treatment in Latin America. Prediabetes diagnosis, screening, and treatment, including lifestyle
changes, pharmacological treatment, and cost-effectiveness were discussed.
Five resulting statements were issued for Latin America: prediabetes is a
clinical and public health problem; health care systems do not currently
diagnose/treat prediabetes; use of prediabetes risk detection tools are
needed region-wide; treatment includes lifestyle changes, multidisciplinary
education, and metformin; and registries of patient records and further
studies should be supported. The expert panel concluded that in Latin America, preventive treatment
through lifestyle changes and metformin are cost-effective interventions.
It is important to improve prediabetes identification and management at the
primary care level.


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